Great resort! We enjoyed and relaxed a lot. Thank you very much.

—Shuji Goto

We stayed two nights in the two bed rooms cabin. My one year old son was really excited about the BBQ at the deck and the beautiful pool there. We enjoyed and relaxed a lot, too! The managers are so kind. Thanks a lot, Gary and Donna!

—Yuko Chihara Goto

Stayed one night with my friend and his RV last Tuesday. We had a great time and are talking about when we can make it back next! Thanks for some great hospitality, Gary!

—Katherine Cummins

Had a blast out there!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thank u soooo much 4 taking such great care of 1 of the most beautiful spots we go 2!!!! Thank u Gary & Donna!!!!

—Airael and Pete Rodrigues

Had a great time there this weekend! I can't wait to go back. =)

—Jenna Walter

All the guys with the Allison Boat Regada had a great time there last guys treated us well

—Daryl Odegard